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 Benefits of Import and Export

1). Direct Goods Export:

Here a company who manufactures locally could source international clients for their business and export their products to them. This is usually capital intensive, as you have to either be producing the products yourself, which will cost money, or you may have to outrightly buy out from the producers to export with your own margins.

2). Export Management:

Export management companies help organizations who have products for exports but don’t know how to go about it or don’t want to know at all. What the export management company does is to act as a consultant for the direct supplier, communicate with the buyers using the supplier’s company name, and close deals on behalf of the supplier.

The supplier would usually have a fixed amount they pay the Export Management Company monthly, and also a commission they’d earn on every successful sale.

3). Export Brokers:

This is the most popular, safest, and effective exportation angle to come in from. Here you act as a broker for either the importer or the exporter or both.

If for instance, the cost of white Sesame seeds from Nigeria $1,500 per ton, you could strike up a deal with a supplier to accept $1450 per ton or better still, you could source a buyer that would purchase from you for about $1,550 per ton.

Brokering any export transaction is the best way to approach the industry because, you can be exporting different products across various industries, and still generate far more profit margins than the people you’re brokering on their behalf.

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