lending is a highly cyclical business, and it is difficult to tell if an underwriting model is good until you have actually seen how it performs in an economic .We can build you a subprime underwriting model that is quite profitable in normal economic conditions.In Omoobaconcepts we keep the data on what happened to our customers and can model any new business decisions against that data. POS terminal (point of sale terminal) is a portable device that allows you as a retailer or merchant collect payment from your customers using only their bank cards. So this means that as a business owner,  instead of customers saying “Sorry, I don’t have cash today – I will come tomorrow”, you can now tell them “don’t come tomorrow, you can pay me now with POS”. All they have to do is to check and verify the amount on the screen, enter their PIN number and that’s it.

Key Benefits of POS and lending Service

  1. Raise lending capital
  2. Acquire customers
  3. Underwrite borrowers
  4. Retain customer
  5. Achieve financial inclusion
  6. Reduce the cost to serve
  7. More Account acquisition
  8. Business Opportunity
  9. Create Jobs for the unemployed
  10. Decongest bank branches
  11. Serve a wider range of customers
  12. Make customers happy

Contrary to the popular narrative of “big banks are terrible and everyone hates them”, big established banks actually perform *pretty* well in all four of these areas. To have a hope of beating them, you have to significantly out-perform in at least one area.



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