Omoobaconcepts in dealing with machinery has been an amazing work,We deal in different ranges of Machinery which includes farming trackors,ploughing tractor,land tilling tractor,constructions tractors and many more .

Few Service Machinery

1) Utility Tractors –The farmers who don’t afford to buy different implements for performing various farming activities can use utility tractors as they are made up for the general purpose tasks like ploughing and adding another type of equipment through its drive. These tractors have better power ranging from 45HP to 140 HP. This type of tractors can perform multi-function and are ideally used for landscaping and farming.

The other tasks performed by this tractor include pulling farm equipment like tillers, harvesters, threshers, hay-cutters and more. These tractors have generally gasoline or diesel engines. Some of the largest players in supplying utility tractors are John Deere, Mahindra. You can definitely try out the review section for Mahindra utility tractors and John Deere utility tractors.

2) Row Crop Tractors The use of this tractor is explained in its name itself, it is designed to use in farms wherein farmers plant crops in a row. This kind of tractor is actually an all-rounder machine, it can be used for meeting agricultural demands like ploughing, harvesting, leveling, harrowing, pulling seed drills, etc.

These row crop tractors have many advantages like greater ground clearance, good row spacing, easy steering moves, quick and easy actions of implements, etc. In terms of cost, these tractors are somewhat expensive than utility tractors but for all these benefits why not to invest in them. In India, the largest market for row crop tractors is covered by John Deere.

3) Orchard Type Tractors These special farm machines are designed to especially for use in fruit orchards, nut orchards and vineyards. Their design is in such a way as to help farmers seat comfortably and pick high hanging fruits at the same time. Thus, they have a great height as compared to other types of tractors. The design and tractors of this machine allow easy passage between tree rows.

If planning to buy this type of tractors then Mahindra 245 DI Orchard Tractor, Force Orchard OX25 DLX Tractor and Mahindra Orchard Compact tractor are the best choices.

4) Industrial Tractors These tractors are mainly used for Industrial purposes than agriculture ones. Previously they were also called as tuggers. Industrial tractors are mainly used for pulling heavy loads and are fitted with cranes so it becomes easy to lift the weights. The technical machine design differentiating point is these tractors have drawbar instead of three-point linkages.

There are a number of tractor manufacturers to buy from these tractors, the best manufacturer are Ford Industrial tractors, Escorts Industrial tractors, etc.

5) Garden Tractors Garden Tractor’s engine power ranges from 1 to 10 HP and nowadays it extends up to 20 HP. These tractors are mainly used for gardening works like cutting the grass, making the flower bed and are designed and constructed in a very small size. The wheels are the same size as a scooter’s wheels, however, they are much thicker. Till now 100 different types of garden tractors have been designed.

Swaraj garden tractors, John Deere garden tractors are the leading names in garden tractor production.

6) Rotary Tillers These are walking type tractors mostly used in small fields on the hill where the fields are at different height levels. Other ordinary types of equipment don’t cope up with this kind of tractors, they go with blades which can also be used for setting seedbeds in the farm. Mahindra implements are best in quality, and thus Mahindra’s rotary tiller is a must buy for hillside farmers.

7) Implement Carrier Helping the implements to mount easily by extending the chassis between the front and the rear tires is the main purpose of Implement Carrier tractors. These tractors come in different designs and sizes.

8) Earth Moving Tractors These tractors are mainly used to perform earth moving works on dams, constructional works, quarries. They are heavy in weights and quite strong also they are available in both track and tire type varieties.

Our nation is developing and soon it will be counted among the developed nations. With all over development, agricultural development is also necessary and for that use of the latest agricultural machinery is necessary. Above mentioned are all the types of tractors in Nigeria that can be used to perform different types of activities in farms and outside the farms.


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